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Born in 1977 in Amakusa.Having completed her studies in contemporary art, she Made her debut in manga by participating in a contest oeganized by the famed underground magazine Garo towards the end of the year 2000.Her story "Woman who survive"(which is the opening story of "MONOKURO Kinderbook"), won the third prize and was published in the January 2001 edition of the magazine. Her works appeared regularly in Garo thru 2001 and 2002 and was collected in an Album "Yellowbacks" published in Feburuary 2002 by Seirindo(Japan). After meeting Frederic Boilet in April 2002 she became part of the "Nouvelle Manga" movement. Together they produced "Mariko Parade" which was published in Japan in January 2003, in France that September and will be released in English,Spanish and other European languages in December.Following a trip France for the Festival of Angouleme in January 2003, Kan Takahama published her first story in French, "Bons Baiser d'Angouleme", an entertaining and good-humored account about her visit, in issue "No.2 Bang!" magazine.(Quoted from "MONOKURO Kinderbook")-----------------------------------------


I wake up in summer and get nap in winter usually.I've through a few misery till I got married 2006. Divorced in 2008 cause of mutual alcoholic. favorite food : flaxseed oil,all kind of nuts ,fruit,all kind of onion,curry,jungle honey and yummy meatfavorite place : organic store, shadow area,night river bed,place I wanna visit : amazon interior , India (ayurveda school) and Columbia. love to live nice'n worm country within Winter time.

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